The simplest, most accurate way to share your location for 30 minutes


CrowdRadar is the simplest way to share your location with anyone for 30 minutes. Simply touch "Find Me" or "Meet" and just put your phone back in your pocket. We will take care of the rest


Think about how much time you spend looking for people. Picking up a friend, meeting someone at the bar, looking for your friends at a concert, trying to make sure your friend got home safely after a wild night partying, the list goes on and on. So many back and forth calls and texts. We finally had enough and decided to fix this


CrowdRadar is designed to provide the best possible location accuracy your iPhone can provide. It uses not only GPS but a low energy Bluetooth beacon to let you know when the other person is nearby. This works even indoors


Crowdradar will provide you with warning messages if some of its features cannot be activated. If it does so, please correct the issue and try again. You may also swipe down to refresh manually.
If you have any issue with crowdradar, feel free to email us. Please remember to include the email address linked to your crowdradar account

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